UKWA award winning specialist warehouse safety audit and inspection app


No set up costs. Standard package £30+vat per month


Replace Paper and PC Audits with our award winning app


Helping you achieve
BRC accreditation


The Warehouse Auditor – the ‘UKWA award-winning’ specialist safety audit and inspection app, enables performance improvement, operational compliance and will help your business move towards BRC accreditation.

Flexible and easy to use tablet or smart phone cloud based technology, that will completely automate your audit and inspection reporting process.

Award-winning app, developed by warehouse specialists

For many businesses, auditing and inspecting their warehouse and logistic facilities is a time-consuming process.
Accurately recording health/safety and compliance, in a standard and consistent way, is a challenge our customers face.
Our easy to use app will improve and maintain the effectiveness of your infrastructure, assets and processes.

Streamline workflows so businesses can:

  • Carry out audits and inspections using smart phones or tablets
  • Use templates designed to dramatically increase reporting accuracy
  • Generate detailed management reports with up to date KPI scores
  • Monitor your operations with real-time data collection

Used by Auditors, Operations/Compliance and Health & Safety teams. Available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

"Confidence in the quality of our warehouse processes has improved and is now helping us achieve BRC accreditation across two sites" Jayne Masters: Sales Director
"The Premium Package was invaluable; made more so by the ongoing licence to implement and record corrective actions" John Ford: Global Operations Director
"The Standard 'Self Audit' Package is better suited to our multi-national 3PL clients in the Asia Pacific region" Rod Kimber