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How to use the audit template

Starting a report – Audit

Tap on ‘Create Report’ and choose ‘Warehouse Audit’. Type in the reference (site name) then SAVE

How to answer questions

Open the question and choose a status, then add a comment from the menu: To add a ‘corrective action’ tap on and type in. To save ‘corrective actions’ for future use, tap on the + and ADD. Saved actions will be listed in the menu next to the +

Questions with Guidance Notes

Every question has built-in ‘guidance notes’ to help you follow set procedures. Tap on the i to open.

Add and delete questions

To delete a question, tap on and Delete. To add a new question, tap on Add item and type in, then SAVE

How to navigate from section to section

The green arrow above the question sets, takes you to the next set of questions. Or you can use the ‘navigation panel’ above the questions (centre)

Using Voice Recognition

Android devices: Open the question, tap on the microphone and speak clearly. If the answer is in-correct, tap on menu (next to the microphone) to show optional answers
(iOS-iPhone/iPad you will find the microphone within the device keypad)

How to use the Camera

To attach a photo/s tap on the camera, take, then USE: Multiple photos can be attached to a question. To review, tap on Photos. Within this feature photos can be re-named. To import images from the device, tap on Get Photo – User Gallery & choose. (Note: photos should be taken in Landscape)

KPI scores

When the audit has been completed, a full list of each of the question sections KPI scores is provided

How to add an item/question

To add a new question, tap on Add item and type in, then SAVE

How to submit a report

Tap on ‘export. To sign for the report, tap on ‘signatures’ and sign, then ‘save’, then press ‘complete’ and ‘confirm’ the message.

What’s in the Menu

Edit Section

This allows you to change the current order of the question sections within the template. Tap on the section to move UP or DOWN to where you wish them to be placed

Corrective Actions

Here you will find a list of the ‘Actions’ you have reported.

How to convert a report

Tap on Search then ‘online’ and choose a search option. Then convert to ‘new Inspection’. Note. You can copy the ‘photos’ and ‘actions logs’ over if you choose. However, the photos are saved in the earlier report, so shouldn’t be copied over.

How do I edit a PDF

To amend the report via the device. Open the App, then ‘search/ showall’ tap on the report, and ‘open’. Then open the question, re-answer and upload again.
(The PDF can also be edited via the web-portal – Login, then ‘download’ and review the report. To make any changes, tap on ‘edit’ and go to the section/s open the question – edit, then ‘save’. To ‘download the report tap on ‘download’ and save the file to a folder.

Review Report

To review the report before ‘exporting’. In the ‘menu’ choose ‘review’ tap on ‘select category’ to ‘review’ each of the question sets.

How do I retrieve the report.

A PDF will be emailed back to your device email, or you can login to the web portal to make any changes & download.

How do I generate the Audit Management Report

By converting the first audit to the second and every audit there-after, generates a ‘management report’. The report compares the previous ‘KPIs’ to the latest. Which ‘corrective actions’ have been completed or are still outstanding. Along with previous and the latest, date/time stamped photos.

These are the steps to follow.
Open the app and tap on ‘search’ then ‘showall’ tap on the Audit and ‘convert’ untick ‘copy photos’ then press ‘continue’
Next go to the questions where you have addressed ‘corrective actions’ tap on the ‘action log’ and delete the text within the box.
You can also change the status, attach new ‘photos’ then tap SAVE.
New or changed ‘corrective actions’ can be recorded along with new ‘photos’ then tap SAVE.

Whats in the App ‘settings’

Login Details

Add your username/password: Test Connection to confirm, Login and Connection both OK.


To save custom texts lists to the database. Tap on Backup Now. To download custom lists onto a new device, tap on Restore and Get Restore List.


Tap on to add-change GPS choices. And Support issues.

Observations & Recommendations

When the audit has been completed, Type in any ‘observations and recommendations’ either via the device, or the web portal editing suite.